Benefits That Come From Finding the Right Miami Colocation Services

By 07/10/2013Colocation

As a company or business expands, so does it’s IT needs, and with that comes the subsequent need for physical space and bandwidth. Particularly if ones company is in an Internet related business field, ones need for IT space will likely overwhelm their internal capacity. For this reason, businesses across Miami will choose to utilize Miami collocation services. Colocation facilities are data centers available for rental that provide equipment space and bandwidth; these spaces offer power, security, storage, cooling, and connectivity to network service providers. The benefits of utilizing collocation services in the Miami area are multiple, but at the core offer a simple and cost effective alternative to housing all IT components in house.

The growing necessity for colocation services can be seen globally in the recent Global Data Center report, which showed a forecasted 16.57% growth of the colocation and managed hosting services market over the 2012-2016 period. This reflects the growing need for businesses to reduce their operational and capital expenditures, while maintaining their access to sufficient Internet resources and power.

When businesses have to worry about the physical space in which to put expanding equipment and the power necessities for increasing data and Internet use needs, the core work of that business fall by the wayside. In order for businesses to retain a high level of efficacy in their everyday dealings, the logistical needs of its IT systems should not be a hurdle to overcome before tackling the work that needs to be done. As such, the IT staff should consider Miami colocation services to house their increasing power and mechanical needs. Colocation facilities will likely operate on a term contract basis and provide added security for all equipment that it houses. This security should include access to locked cabinets, and physical security in the form of video surveillance, badge access requirements, around the clock monitoring by qualified professionals, etc.

In-house provision of space and bandwidth will likely not come with the amount of IT support and failure prevention support that Miami colocation services facilities will offer. Given that these spaces house many retailers IT equipment, it is imperative that these facilities take every precaution to ensure the security and safety of all equipment and client data. As such, facilities will have a series of unused systems that are on hand to take the burden of power and data loads that could fail. Although to prevent any failure in the first place, collocations services will usually have engineers monitoring the facilities for possible failures at all times.

In addition to the added security of housing ones equipment using Miami collocation services, these facilities are also incredibly cost effective. If a business were to handle the burden of bandwidth costs on their own, a limited DSL line is likely to cost between $150 and $200. If that same business were to seek out a collocation facility, they would get access to much higher bandwidth speed for a lower price. Included in this price is the additional space that one would not normally have access to should they have all equipment housed within the business (that newly freed up space can be used for other means).

In addition, these facilities will have much better protection for power outages, with backup generators and redundancy network connections on hand. If a power loss were to occur at a place of business, ones IT systems would likely be down for quite some time, costing valuable potential income and plausible data loss. Particularly when a company is based around Internet availability, having its online resources and website taken offline, even for a couple hours, means serious loss of profitability. In contrast, collocation service facilities will be able to mitigate these losses by having access to dedicated staff and power sources; after all, it is their job to maintain their clients IT functionality no matter the circumstance.

Another benefit to colocation services is the ownership of the servers; since the client owns the server machinery and software, upgrades and further installations are quick and easy. This makes it particularly efficient if a business were to move locations; their server would continue to be up and running throughout the transition, without potential outages and changes to new lines. The benefits of colocation are numerous, about finding the right Miami colocation services can be tricky. provides reliable, secure, and cost effective colocation services to many in the area, who have benefitted from the subsequent increased power and space.

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