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Reasons to Choose Cyclos Banking Software

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cyclos banking software solutionsAre you looking for software solutions for online banking, e-commerce, or maintaining a business directory? Perhaps this is the time to consider Cyclos online banking software. As your organization’s needs change over time, Cyclos is a great software solution to help you grow.

Why Choose Cyclos 4?

There are many reasons that Cyclos is utilized by so many institutions globally: For starters, it is user-friendly, feature-rich, and highly secure. Cyclos 4’s mobile banking services are designed for regional banks, microfinance institutions, remittances, barter systems, and complementary currency systems. Read More

Running a Cyclos Cluster on’s Platform-as-a-Service

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cyclos clusterPreviously, we shared How to Install Cyclos 4 in One-Click in Less than 10 Minutes. Today, we will show you a more complex setup of a Cyclos cluster with master-slave database replication, scalability and high availability ensuring redundancy.

Using Jelastic you can run Cyclos on Tomcat, Jetty and Glassfish. The database for Cyclos 4 is the open source database PostgreSQL (not less than 9.3). The minimal memory space requirements to run a single Cyclos instance is 500 Mb (so you need to use at least 4 cloudlets).

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How to Install Cyclos 4 in One-Click in Less than 10 Minutes

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one click install cyclos 4What is Cyclos 4?

Cyclos 4 is a feature rich online payment platform (banking software) for large businesses and organisations. It is user friendly, simple to use and maintain and provides flexibility, security and a high level of customization.

Cyclos is deployed by local banks, C3 networks, MFI’s, barters, community currencies and time banks. Cyclos enables organisations to create a payment system from the ground up, by changing the configuration (without the need to change any code).

Easy one click installation of Cyclos 4

The traditional way to get Cyclos installed is to firstly get Java hosting, set up a MySQL database, deploy a .war file, configure via SSH, mess around with Tomcat class files, assign an SSL certificate, create additional databases for modules, run module commands etc – exhausting right?

If you do not have an active Jelastic account with, visit our Jelastic Marketplace, where you can install Cyclos 4 Pro (or Cyclos 3 CE) in just one click and all the hard work and configuration is done for you. Read More