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Business Data Loss: Reasons, Consequences, and Prevention

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Data loss is a massive headache for any business. The costs are extremely dire, ranging from lost opportunities to potentially gaining a reputation for unreliability. Thankfully, contingencies exist so that you can have a bulletproof backup plan for data recovery and restoration.

Let’s start by looking at the major causes for data loss.

Top 10 Reasons for Data Loss

1. Hardware Failure

While data loss can be attributed to a multitude of factors, the main cause is usually hardware failure. Usually this stems from hard disk drives (HDD) crashing, although this problem can easily affect solid-state drives (SDD), which can experience more issues if continually used to write data. Read More’s Miami Datacenter Delivers Excellence

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miami data centerOne of the first things that people ask regarding cloud computing is security: security of data, information, and essentially, about the reliability and accessibility of everything in their cloud network. That’s why is a company of choice in which to develop one’s cloud network.’s Miami datacenter incorporates top notch security, highest in-class infrastructure, and is one of the five Tier-4 NAPs (network access points) in the United States. When you choose a cloud hosting solution from, you’re choosing one of the premier datacenters in the world.

There’s a reason why’s Miami datacenter is called the NAP of the Americas—because of its construction and power, it’s prepared to serve as the primary Internet gateway to Latin America

There are four main features of the Miami datacenter that serve as building blocks to its functionality: network topology, connectivity, network equipment, and monitoring. These foundational features are the reason for the superior performance and security provided Read More