What’s new in Jelastic 5.0.6?

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Jelastic 5.06If you haven’t heard, over the last month Jelastic released versions 5.0.5 and 5.0.6. The most predominant feature is support of Docker Community Edition and Managed Docker Containers.

This means that developers can deploy their containerized application to Docker Swarm clusters or a standalone Docker Engine using docker-compose, docker service and stack deployment commands, remote connection via docker-machine and generic driver. Users benefit from Jelastic’s automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, multi-cloud and local data center availability, collaboration and pay-per-use pricing.

Here’s breakdown of all the bells and whistles in Jelastic 5.0.6

Cloud Scripting Engine

Cloud Scripting (CS) is a powerful solution developed by Jelastic for advanced automation of repetitive DevOps tasks, complex CI/CD flows and clustering configurations.

Basically, it enables you to predefine complex environment provisioning and behavior upon changeable conditions by interconnecting various Jelastic API methods into operation chains. Cloud Scripting represents a unique programming language that is optimized to simplify development and significantly reduce the implementation cost of managed services.

Cloud Scripting provides access to a wide range of automation options and tuning possibilities. They are implemented by composing a manifest file in JSON or YAML format, which describes the logic of what should have happened during the application life-cycle or performed in response to a particular event. When prepared, CS code can be easily executed by importing it to the Platform and, if necessary, edited on the fly through the embedded JSON/YAML editor, with auto formatting, errors review and debugging options. Read More