SAN replication

What are the advantages of using’s SAN model?

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san replicationStorage area networks provide the communication infrastructure that connect storage devices such as disk arrays to servers. In common practice, the term “SAN” is used to refer to a complete storage infrastructure, including all the hardware and software involved in providing shared access to central storage devices from multiple servers. In effect, a SAN is a sub-network that is used for shared storage.

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How do I create and deploy a reliable storage area network?

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san backupFor many businesses, increased user expectations along with government or professional regulations for data storage, backup, and recovery make 24 hour access to critical information imperative. The creation of data center infrastructure that is flexible, intelligent, and able to evolve rapidly with the growing demands of applications, while protecting customer investments is essential.

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How SAN Replication Can Benefit Your Company by Keeping it Successful

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san replicationWhen it comes to your data, you want to have an extremely secure and reliable environment to store it in. The data within a company is what makes it run and ensures ongoing success. Without data, a company would simply be lost – client and employee files, statistics, statements and other vital documents are sacred. So what happens when a natural or other disaster occurs which wipes out all of the data a company has put together over the years? Chaos. Without the proper backup and replication tools, data simply has no chance of surviving. This is why it is important for all business owners to invest in a form of SAN (Storage Area Network) replication and backup solutions.

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