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How do virtual desktop interfaces benefit from graphic processing unit offloading?

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vdi plansOffloading graphic processing for virtual desktop interfaces (VDI) allows such virtualized computer environments to support graphics intensive applications. While graphics acceleration is embedded into billions of consumer and business devices, including smartphones, laptops and workstations, it has not natively been built into virtual desktop interfaces. As a result, users of graphically-intense programs such as geospatial applications and 3-D rendering have been denied the flexibility of VDI.

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Virtual Success Comes Easy with VDI Plans

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Have you ever left the office and arrived home to suddenly remember you needed to find and send information to a client? It’s too bad that all the data and programs you need to do this are on your computer at work. Unfortunately, this results in you having to leave your client waiting. This is the type of situation that reduces efficiency, delays projects, damages your client relationships, and can ultimately slow down your business. If this scenario has ever happened to you (or you hope that it doesn’t), you will want to hear about’s VDI plans.

What is a VDI plan? VDI is a tech-term that stands for “virtual desktop infrastructure.” Let’s analyze this to see what it really means. The term “virtual” means that something has changed state but still retains its original characteristics. For example, you can partition your flash drive into two separate sections—but you can still interact with and think of it as a single resource. “Desktop” refers to the graphical user interface, aka GUI, presented by your computer’s operating system. Your desktop consists of icons that show the organization of your files and data.

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