Colocated Hosting Provides Perfect Blend of Control and Freedom

By 06/26/2013Colocation

With all the types of hosting that are available, colocated hosting might just be another name in the barrel for most people. However, this is a type of hosting that can work for numerous types of businesses, people, and situations. It has plenty of benefits associated with it, including security, freedom, and control. When you know your business has outgrown shared hosting plan, but still want the security associated with higher management, a colocated hosting plan might just the best solution for you.

What is colocated hosting? Think of it as a stepping stone hosting solution between shared hosting and hosting your own server on site. Colocated hosting is a service provided by locations that let you rent out space at a secure facility. You provide the equipment, and the facility provides the space. As well, some hosting facilities even let you rent out servers if you do not own one.

A colocated hosting facility is essentially a data center that has rents out space. The space itself, as well as bandwidth, is rentable on a monthly basis. Colocated hosting facilities provide you with power, cooling, physical security, and connections to telecommunications and network service providers. There are loads of benefits associated with this type of hosting, so let’s look at a few.

Colocated hosting services  is an ideal solution for burgeoning businesses—usually, small to medium sized companies with a growing web presence. These are the customers that benefit most from this type of hosting. Why? First off, there’s the cost-savings associated with it. Renting bandwidth for your own location can get very expensive. A colocated hosting facility generally provides customers with higher bandwidth at a decreased cost.

The second main benefit to colocated hosting services is the safety and security associated with them. Because these facilities depend upon their customers for success, they generally offer very highs security standards and facility protection. Building site security systems are typically of high standard; as well, protection from online threats is also usually addressed. This also reduces costs. Instead of worrying about and installing a high security system on-site where your company is located, the security of your server is looked after by the colocated hosting facility.

So far, colocated hosting offers you an efficient and safe method of hosting—the third main benefit is freedom. One of the complaints most often heard with shared hosting is that the customer does not have enough control over the situation. With colocated hosting however, the customer is fully in control and is able to choose their server’s operating systems, as well as any type of software to be installed. The customer gets the ultimate level of choice and control, thus allowing a great deal of freedom in the way things are run. As well, most of these hosting facilities operate on a monthly fee—a customer is not tied down to a hefty contract. If a customer chooses to leave the hosting facility, they can do so easily.

As you can see, colocated hosting is a solution that provides a “host” of benefits. Security, freedom, choice and control—a colocated hosting solution provides all this and more. For more information on how colocated hosting can work for you, please contact

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