Colocated Server Hosting The Right Solution.

By 05/16/2013Colocation

Colocated Server HostingQuick, what do you do: choose a hosting plan, buy your own server, rent your own server, install the server in-house, or install the server at another location? Which is best option? If you’re a business owner, you’ve probably experienced this conundrum before. There are tons of questions about the right solution for web hosting. The ideal solution is different for every business and often is a combination of several approaches. This is true of colocated server hosting—a blend of renting and owning, and of control and freedom.

Choosing the right approach to web hosting can give business owners headaches. There are so many approaches to hosting that work, but as there are advantages and setbacks to each approach, it’s hard to pick which type would work best for a certain situation. For example: a medium to large-sized business with a big web presence might choose to buy a server of their own. They’d be able to afford the time and money needed for maintenance and upkeep. A smaller business might find the cost of having a private server prohibitive and choose a hosting service instead. What about a mid-size business? That’s where colocated server hosting comes in.
As more medium sized companies are finding out, there is a middle-ground in the hosting debate: colocated server hosting. It’s where a company buys their own server, but rents out the space to install it in a colocated server hosting room. This can be seen as the equivalent of buying a condo—you own most of it; you just pay monthly condo fees to stay there. How does it work?

A colocated center is a data center where equipment space and bandwidth are available for rental. These places provide renters with space, power, cooling, physical security, and a connection to telecommunications and network service providers.  All the renter has to do is provide their own equipment and pay a monthly fee. Sometimes, a collocation center even has servers for rent.

So why is colocated server hosting an ideal solution?

For a start, there’s the savings: buying bandwidth is an expensive part of server hosting. When you use a colocated server hosting service, you generally get a higher bandwidth at a better price than you normally would if you were buying it for your on-site facility.  Then there’s the redundancy: colocated server hosting has better protection against outages. They normally have backup power generators to ensure the power stays on.
Colocated server hosting also provides you with more freedom than a hosting plan. You choose what kind of hardware you use and you choose the operating systems, as well as any other software. Instead of letting a hosting company make these choices for you, you get to. Plus, colocated server hosting facilities are guarded with security systems that may be better than your office’s. A good facility will let you know what security features are in place to protect your equipment.

If your company is still searching for the ideal hosting solution, give colocated server hosting a try. It might just provide you with the right blend of features that are perfect for your needs.

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