How Hybrid Cloud Solutions Can Benefit Any Company

By 07/05/2013Cloud Hosting

When you own a business, the need for data storage is high on the list. There is always an abundance of information and documents floating around the company that needs a secure place to be kept and monitored. Many years ago, and even in some cases now, a filing cabinet was the ultimate solutions to a company’s or individual’s organizational woes. However, technology has now become a big part of our everyday lives, and a simple and essential means for communication, sharing, and yes, even storage. File folders need be no more. Now is the time for hybrid cloud solutions to rear its helpful head and make the workings of all companies a little bit easier for everyone.

Hybrid clouds were created when the public cloud and the private cloud were combined. A public cloud is made up of networks, services, applications, storage, and hardware that is owned and operated by a third party source. This third party source allows other companies and individuals to use the resources available. Because it is shared amongst many users, the security of confidential data and documents is not all that high. A private cloud is comprised of the same resources as a public cloud, only it is owned and operated by a company, and is used only by employees, partners, and customers. The combination of these two creates hybrid cloud solutions that have the best of both worlds.

Hybrid clouds can be obtained through the integration of cloud hosting services and cloud servers. Cloud hosting works almost the same as shared hosting, except that instead of only having a single server to share with users, which can cause significant network speed problems, your computer(s) will be connected with an interconnected group of servers. This helps to make sure that you will always have reliable internet access, increased network speed, and resiliency.

One of the main uses of cloud hosting is for storage purposes. Businesses carry around a lot of data, and require a secure place to store it. However, you make be thinking that cloud storage has three key challenges that need to be solved, and therefore it isn’t worth the risk. Well, you’re right, there are three key issues that need to be solved – but don’t look past cloud storage just yet. The three key challenges of the service are latency (the time taken for data to be transmitted between provider and customer), security (the use of secure transfer protocols), and reliability (data travelling between provider and host). While these issues look scary to any potential customer, it should be noted that hybrid cloud solutions have found a way to solve these problems.

Firstly, hybrid cloud solutions have addressed latency issues by caching data locally and using WAN optimization to reduce the amount of data traffic. Secondly, security has been tightened by providing a number of different security levels: secure access to the cloud storage provider, data encryption while in transit, and data encryption within the storage environment of the cloud provider. And lastly, standard protocol support and the maintaining of data integrity are offered to increase reliability.

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