How To Choose The Right VMware Hosting Provider

By 05/24/2013VMware

VMware Hosting ProviderIf you’ve ever tried looking for a hosting solution, you’ll know that there are tons of options available. Type in “hosting provider” on a search engine and your page will be flooded with companies who want to earn your business. How do you choose the right provider? What are the features that a hosting plan should provide? If you’re looking for VMware hosting solutions, you’ll need to know what you want in a provider and the services that a good VMware hosting provider should be able to offer you.

What exactly is VMware hosting?  VMware is the shortened version of “virtual machine” software or hardware. In the case of hosting, VMware virtualizes a physical server, making it capable of acting as multiple servers. When a physical server is virtualized, the server is capable of hosting multiple websites or networks. What a VMware hosting provider does, essentially, is rent out a virtual server to a company and administers it on the company’s behalf. What are some of the features that you should be able to count on from a VMware hosting provider?

A VMware hosting provider should be able to provide you with flexibility. Most VMware hosting plans are offered by way of a monthly fee—you receive a set amount of space and features. A good hosting provider will not lock you into terms longer than a month or two. This is what makes a VMware hosting solution flexible and scalable. You should be allowed to adjust your hosting plan based on your needs so that your IT solution can grow alongside your company. A good VMware hosting provider should want to make you into a long-term customer. Let them prove to you that they’re willing to go the distance to provide you exceptional service.

Another mark of a good VMware hosting provider is that they should offer safety features. Since the provider owns the virtual machines, it should be safe for all their customers. There should be significant security features—firewalls, antivirus and malware protection. The VMware hosting provider’s location should also be secure and built to withstand threats. Look for a company that invests in its security with guards, cameras, and well-built buildings.

You also want to be aware of any dangers inherent in your geographical region and look for a VMware hosting provider that offers specific protection geared towards those threats. For example, if you live in a region where floods are prevalent, look for specific protection against them—you want to be above the flooding water level and you want to make sure that there will be back up power provided in case of outages. As a customer, you want to gauge what kind of protective features a potential VMware hosting provider can give you that are necessary for your company’s success.

In short, you want to ensure your company’s success and security. When you look for a VMware hosting provider, ensure that they satisfy your needs in these regards. is a reputable VMware hosting provider that delivers reliable, scalable, and secure services.

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