Introduction to our products: Hosted Microsoft SharePoint

By 08/15/2012Uncategorized allows companies to interact through a hosted secure cloud with Hosted Microsoft SharePoint. As technology moves forward we move further away from a traditional office environment. Many businesses, like ours here at, consist of employees who work remotely; communicating solely through computers, smart phones and tablets. Without a proper tool to organize important office documents and data the line of communication can quickly be broken. With a simple check-in and check-out feature you can be positive that you are working on the latest version. In my experience using SharePoint alleviates the threat of losing access to important business communication and intelligence.

Here is what my COO has to say about SharePoint:

“Hosted SharePoint allows companies the freedom of having offices without boundaries by maintaining all business intelligence in a secure cloud to ensure seamless communication, sharing and governing. This gives decision-makers the confidence in knowing that they have the latest information to make smart decisions.”  –  Jose Uribe, COO at

The set-up of Hosted SharePoint is a quick, seamless integration that works with any size company that wants the technology of a huge corporation for a nominal fee. This is possible because the responsibility of software licenses, servers, maintenance and support is absorbed by the hosting provider, us.

Another winning quality of SharePoint  is the tailor-made Customer Control Center which offers full governing over subscriptions and services, including account/contact information, a billing and payment manager, subscription management, a service, and a help desk and ticketing system. In addition to the 24/7 customer service, the Customer Control Center has a robust online help portal where users and administrators can find detailed answers and documentation. Contact us today to see how easy it is to implement SharePoint into your office.

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