Should You Catch The Hybrid Cloud Computing Train

By 08/09/2013Cloud Hosting

While the words “cloud computing” are still all the vogue, many businesses and organizations are now coming to notice that the initial promise of flexibility, dynamics and ease of maintaining a public or community cloud is not always lived up to. Privacy and security issues come to the fore as the systems become more complex and thus prone to critical errors when installed and/or maintained incorrectly or without due expertise. More and more, it is possible to see a desire to break away from continuous dependency on public cloud coverage in favor of a new solution – hybrid cloud computing.

What a hybrid cloud computing setup means, in basic terms, is putting together two or more clouds of different types into a bundle that offers multiple benefits without violating the independence of its components. This peculiar new system efficiently lets the private clouds run free, except for instances when temporary shifts in resource use make it imperative for public cloud resources to be employed.

A new model for application deployment known as ‘cloud bursting’ combines the robust security and other features of an organization’s private cloud with the ability to draw on public cloud resources as need arises, such as during events or major all-hands-on-deck situations. It is at times like this that the last worry for you should be how well your hybrid cloud computing system can handle the pressure – it just needs to.

Importantly, many turn to the hybrid cloud computing setup due to apparent lack of trust or proper communication with their current or former cloud services provider. In this light, it must be noted that this can only be a temporary solution. Without any permanent reliance on public clouds and the expertise that usually comes with cloud management companies, the strain on the company’s IT department will gradually grow to become intolerable. In addition, by its very nature hybrid cloud computing would bring not only the benefits but also the drawbacks of handling both on-site and off-site cloud infrastructure simultaneously. Thus hybrid clouds should only be entertained when there are both sufficient internal resources and a good working relationship with your cloud services provider.

A hybrid cloud computing service provider that is viewed as both pioneering this new approach to cloud needs and leading the way into making it more efficient and user-friendly is called Having been around for over 15 years, has the cloud support jigsaw puzzle figured out. A quick glance at their cloud computing scope of services reveals an experienced company that is capable of handling any kind of request as far as clouds are concerned. Permit to give you so more details. is based around a cutting-edge top-tier datacenter in Miami. Whereas their competitors can be seen to actively push organizations and business away from hybrid clouds while trying to lure them back into using the public clouds, seems to take a more innovating (and effective) approach of not being judgmental about a client’s decision to switch most of the cloud activities back into private. Moreover, this seems to be an option that allows a company to tentatively enter the complex world of cloud computing without ruffling their feathers – a 30-day money-back guaranteed, a user-friendly cloud management framework and a pay-as-you-go policy make such good news possible.

While you may want to catch the wave of hybrid cloud computing, do so at your own risk and do consider not doing so alone. Remember, a silly mistake made while configuring your cloud privacy and security parameters can lead to loss of intellectual property and sour relations with those whose information was mishandled. While the new option available to those becoming disillusioned with ‘traditional’ clouds is alluring, just like everything else involving complex database integration, it needs to be chosen after careful consideration. However, once your business is in the cloud that was set up with due diligence and expertise, you will never want to take a step back. While you don’t want to miss the fast technology and innovation train, catch it with full confidence in success.

Hybrid cloud computing is effective, secure, and your ideal solution.  Contact today to get started.

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