cloud replication servicesA “site” represents a region of uniformly good network access, which can be interpreted as being generally equivalent to local area network (LAN) connectivity. LAN connectivity assumes high, robust bandwidth that allows reliable network performance, regardless of which two computers in the site are communicating.

“Site replication” is a service that allows intricate networks of data, applications and files to be remotely replicated off-site, providing an extra layer of data security and redundancy. Site replication ensures that data is always up-to-date at both corporate and remote sites, so that it is possible to continue from an exact point of failure in the event of an extreme disaster.

All major enterprises should ensure they use site replication to enhance and protect mission critical IT systems and applications. Webhosting.Net specializes in providing site replication services to its mid- and large-sized enterprise clients. By leveraging Webhosting.Net site replication, you can ensure top C-level executives in your organization that data will never be irrevocably lost and that business processes will never stop or slow down.

Our corporate customers can colocate their storage area network appliances at the firm’s state-of-the-art Miami data center in order to replicate their internal corporate networking infrastructure. By using Webhosting.Net services, organizations can ultimately avoid the hassle of managing their own data center architecture and bandwidth. Webhosting.Net can offer uninterrupted live site replication of all corporate data systems in their full complexity, allowing for a complete quick switch to Webhosting.Net remote systems in case internal, corporate systems display signs of impeding or occurring failure.

A firewall of unmatched rigidity is set up to prevent unauthorized access and data manipulation. Site replication also handles real-time synchronization of dynamic data across sites, unlike static CDN data distribution, ensuring consistently low latency. Site replication services from Webhosting.Net require the purchase of bandwidth blocks. Depending on your needs, bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps can be made available. Based on requirements, customers can also limit the amount of bandwidth allowed during site replication.

Site replication should be a component of any comprehensive, end-to-end continuity plan. With site replication, entire corporate networks can be protected against internal data and network failures. There are many challenges however to achieving real-time site replication by IT departments in-house, and enterprises have additional demanding requirements that must be a part of any solution, including reliability, security, and filtering. By outsourcing these requirements to Webhosting.Net, businesses can save time, resources and expense, while adding an extra layer of enterprise-class data security.

When signing up for site replication services through Webhosting.Net, make sure to inquire about our other services that can be linked to replication to enhance and develop the level of safety and dynamism of your enterprise data. Some of these services, including cloud virtual machines and managed hosting and backup, are cutting-edge features which can absolute enhance your organization’s productivity.

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