What Hybrid Cloud Computing Can Do for You

By 07/05/2013Cloud Hosting

In the business world, it’s hard to complete anything efficiently and timely without the use of technology. It’s even hard to complete your regular everyday tasks without using a piece of technology – computers, tablets, and smartphones are now an integral part of our lives whether we like it or not, especially when it comes to large corporations, and maybe even smaller corporations. Companies rely on technology to help them achieve success by providing means of communication and collaboration among employees, as well as creating easy business solutions at the swipe of a finger or the click of a mouse. For those who rely on technology to keep themselves managed and empowered, hybrid cloud computing is going to be their new best friend.

The world of computing used to be comprised of only separate public clouds and separate private clouds. In the recent years, however, cloud computing has grown and evolved, shaping itself into something companies only dreamt of. Cloud computing has combined both public and private clouds to create what is called hybrid cloud computing. A public cloud is a specific set of hardware, storage, applications, services, networks, etc. that is owned and operated by a third party source and used by various companies and individuals. A private cloud is, again, a specific set of hardware, storage, etc. that is owned and operated by one company only. This private cloud can only be used by employees, partners, and customers, and not by any of the third party users. A private cloud is generally more secure, as only chosen individuals can see the shared data and information, which means the opportunity for leakage and compromised information is relatively low.

Now, with hybrid cloud computing, companies can enjoy the best of both worlds, or clouds. Because hybrid clouds are a combination of both public and private cloud services, companies are able to meet the various needs of their customer base. The goal of hybrid clouds is to make things easier for organizations by creating a secure, manageable, and reliable computing environment.

Webhosting.net has a variety of hybrid cloud computing services available for companies looking to make the switch. With our cloud hosting services, companies will have quick and easy access to all of their data, documents, software and even each other from any computer that has internet access. Your company will have control over your own network management, and your information/documents in order to allow for flexibility and manageability.

We also have a number of different cloud hosting options for all of your hybrid cloud computing needs. These plans include entry level, basic, small biz, professional, and enterprise. Each cloud hosting plan has something to meet the needs of all companies, at whatever stage of growth and whatever business they may be in. Our cloud hosting solutions are perfect for any sized business that’s looking for internet-based computing, easy software installation, safe data, and cost efficiency.

Here at webhosting.net we want to make your hybrid cloud computing experience a positive one. This is why we made the process of hosting with us simple and efficient. Our cloud hosting works much the same as shared hosting does, only  instead of sharing a single server with other users, which can slow down network speeds and thus, productivity, your computer will be connected with an interconnected group of servers.

Our cloud hosting solutions for your hybrid cloud computing needs also allows you to do more than just store and share your data – there are different functions for you to choose from such as data management, network platform, and network infrastructure. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that webhosting.net will be able to fit them.

When looking for an efficient business solution for your company, look no further than cloud hosting services. Hybrid cloud computing is a new and integral part of today’s corporate world, and is what every company needs to ensure maximum productivity and success. At webhosting.net, we’ve created cloud computing solutions to fit every company’s needs, and when you host with us, you won’t be disappointed. Our hosting solutions work to provide you with reliability, scalability, and productivity.

Get your business on the right track and choose webhosting.net for your hybrid cloud service provider today.

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