What is Exchange Hosting and Do I Need it for my Business

By 08/09/2013Exchange Hosting
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If you have previously worked in an office, call centre, or corporate environment with a designated e-mail address then chances are, you were using exchange hosting without even knowing it. What it is, is simple. Exchange Hosting is a service whereby space is made available on a cloud server to allow clients the opportunity to host their e-mail and data on this server. This service allows clients the chance to access their e-mails, address book, to manage different tasks, and to access documents from a multitude of different places and through just about any device. Through the utilization of push technology, this allows e-mails to be routed to a laptop or mobile phone – anywhere, any time.

When one thinks exchange hosting, naturally, they think of an exchange server – not quite the same thing. An exchange server can handle tens of thousands of e-mail accounts at the same time and can work for small businesses right up to a corporate conglomerate. However, for the vast majority of users and businesses, a dedicated exchange server is not a long way out of their price range, but its’ capacity is far more than a person would ever use, let alone need. Thus, hosted exchange is the alternative. Exchange hosting allows a user the power of an exchange server without the added expenses; these may include paying for a full server license at $700-$1,000, having to purchase the corresponding hardware, and having to pay someone to maintain it. Exchange hosting means that a user can bundle multiple customer mailboxes to a single exchange server for a reduced monthly fee.

This is why exchange hosting works for the vast majority of users. If you’re operating with a few hundred employees or less, a hosted exchange plan is the undisputed solution to your e-mail needs. There are a wide range of hosted exchange plans that vary in price, but they begin roughly in the $100 range – noticeably less than what is quoted above for a dedicated exchange server.

Now what you get with exchange hosting is a centralized e-mail plan such as a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo account, however there are a few key differences. For one, exchange hosting allows you to keep calendar appointments, contacts, notes, and tasks all in sync. With the ability to have this information stored, integrated, and backed up in one central location, this means that it is now accessible from anywhere. This is a major reason why it has as many users as it does.

Another reason that many enjoy exchange hosting is for the support for Direct Push synchronization. This is, simply said, everything stays in sync. All information is sent to the user’s multiple devices in real time. There is no use to load/reload/synchronize because everything simply stays in sync and updated at all times. For those with a combination of desktop, laptop, mobile device, and tablet, Exchange Hosting can provide peace of mind. If a user leaves their home, they still get to carry around their e-mail with them in their pocket on their cell phone and as a new e-mail message is received in your inbox, it will come up on your phone as a new message. It is very convenient for those that are always on the run and wish for closer ties with their business.

Imagine being able to access your e-mail and calendar from any cell phone, Blackberry, or other mobile device. Exchange hosting ensures that you’re never out of touch with your business. It’s there, you know it’s there, and it’s working – this is the foundation of exchange hosting. As a business owner or even as a regular user, no one wants to be constantly trying to get their e-mail working. This service takes care of it for you and gives you the opportunity to put your focus on other aspects of your business.

More and more, companies are moving towards, if they haven’t already deployed it, exchange hosting. It has proven to be a cost-effective alternative to trying to maintain and manage an in-house e-mail server. A company gets to pocket the money that they would have otherwise spent on hardware, client access licenses, possible overtime for administrative staff when updating software, and other maintenance-related expenses.

Accessible anywhere, anytime, whenever you need it – this is what Exchange Hosting is. E-mails, calendars, contacts, and files. When you need it, it’s there.  Webhosting.net can help you with our exchange hosting needs.  Contact us today to get started.

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