Why Hybrid Cloud Storage is the Best Solution for Businesses

By 06/12/2013Cloud Hosting

Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of public cloud storage and private cloud storage. Public cloud storage involves the enterprise’s data being stored outside of the enterprise’s data center, while private cloud storage keeps the enterprise’s data and cloud resources within the enterprise’s data center and behind a firewall. Thus, hybrid cloud storage is the best of both worlds: allowing certain data to be accessible to the public, while keeping important, confidential information strictly internal.

There are many benefits to hybrid cloud storage. For one, companies are able to store all of their files in one place, while being able to access them from anywhere and share them with others. There is also the benefit of quick and efficient data transmission. That is, the time taken for data to be transmitted between two users is not extensive. This is because the cloud storage caches data locally, while using WAN optimization to reduce data traffic. Users are able to send things quickly to one another without having to wait for internet traffic. It can also be noted that this type of cloud storage is very secure. Because it combines both public and private cloud storage, it incorporates extensive transfer protocols, such as data encryption, and user authentication requests.

Hybrid cloud storage is also a reliable solution. Metadata containing write time stamps are contained within the data, which allows data to be reconstructed in the right order should failure of the system occur.

Webhosting.net has hybrid cloud hosting services, which include hybrid cloud storage. Businesses would be smart to invest in cloud-based services, because of its low maintenance. Companies set aside large budgets each year in order to maintain the equipment they already have. By investing in cloud services, budgets could be better allocated toward other areas of the business.

With hybrid cloud hosting and hybrid cloud storage, companies will be able to adapt to the constantly evolving aspects of the corporate world. They will also be able to avoid the stress of owning, storing, and managing their own hardware, as webhosting.net absorbs ownership duties.

Hybrid cloud storage, along with hybrid cloud hosting, will work for anyone and everyone. Whether you have a small business, medium business, or large business, the use of hybrid cloud products is very beneficial. Because hybrid cloud products and storage is customizable, businesses are able to find the right fit for their needs. That’s one of the cloud’s main advantages—if your business is growing, changing, or downsizing, hybrid cloud storage and hosting molds with you.

When you choose webhosting.net for your hybrid cloud storage needs, you’re choosing a hosting company that prides itself in top-notch security, the availability of excellent network features, and an expert technical support team. With their services, you’ll gain flexibility, reliability, and scalability, making your business processes run with ease.

When choosing a hybrid cloud storage provider, it is important to make sure that you’re choosing a company that is going to fit your needs. Businesses are constantly growing and changing, and running the everyday practices can be time consuming and costly. With webhosting.net, you can be sure that your worries will be eliminated.

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