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Is your company's network constantly expanding? Are you regularly experiencing server hang-ups and failure due to overload of data? Have your in-house IT people mentioned the need for replication services? The time has come – consider site replication through if you want to see your organization's sustained growth.

Description Monthly Fee Setup Fee
Premium Collocated Array (>4U, >500W, behind FW) $495.00 $150
Premium Multi-carrier Bandwidth < 10Mbps $35/Mbps $0
Premium Multi-carrier Bandwidth 10Mbps $25/Mbps $0
Premium Multi-carrier Bandwidth 20Mbps $20/Mbps $0
Premium Multi-carrier Bandwidth 100Mbps $15/Mbps $0

Click here for optional vmware cloud servers to attach to replicated data.

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A smart choice

Site replication is a service that allows for high-speed reliable active data storage without going through the hassle of managing your own bandwidth datacenter.'s state-of-the-art datacenter is placed at your disposal for live site replication of the intricate network of your data, applications and files. Not only does this free up your IT resources, it also adds an extra layer of data security that will be appreciated by clients. All in all, site replication is the smart choice to make.

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Fast and reliable

Speed obtained through an internal server or series of servers cannot reach the levels that are made possible through the use of site replication, especially with a Tier 1 datacenter, a synonym for the highest possible speeds and levels of reliability. Depending on your needs, bandwidth of up to 100 Mbps is made available through's site replication services. Without the need for you to invest in a new server or constantly ensure that the software and hardware involved in the process are up to par with the requirements of the day, you receive unmatched service within a reasonable price range. Just imagine having the technology that your data deserves without hitting the bottom lines for development and innovation. We offer the most high-tech level of site replication service, which is updated as regularly as new technology and approaches allow.

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Secure and smart

Should disaster strike, pointing fingers and placing blame will not get lost or compromised data back to normal. With's site replication services, however, the data is never irrevocably lost and your business processes are never inevitably stopped or slowed down. We offer uninterrupted live site replication of all of your data in its full complexity, which would allow for a quick switch completely to our server should your server display signs of impeding or occurring failure. A firewall of unmatched rigidity is set up to prevent unauthorized access and data manipulation.

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Related services

When signing up for site replication services through, make sure to enquire about our other services that can be linked to replication to enhance and develop the level of safety and dynamism of your data. Some of these services include cloud virtual machines of various types, managed hosting and backup, and software licensing. These cutting-edge features can take you to the next level.

For all of your site replication needs, contact, a leader in replication and cloud services with an impeccable reputation of success, integrity and efficiency. Your staff and clients will appreciate the effort.

Do I need Site Replication?

Site Replication is ideal for customers who want to colocate Storage Area Network (SAN) appliances at a premier facility without the hassle of managing your own datacenter and bandwidth. Bandwidth subscription is required with all replication options. Depending on the customer needs you may want to limit how much bandwidth is allowed when replicating.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We back all of our award winning hosting solutions with a 30 day money back guarantee. Rest assured we work hard to provide you with exceptional performance and reliability that has become synonymous with